What does Uki agility mean?

What does Uki agility mean? UKI is a competitor friendly organization responding to competitor feedback. Opportunity to compete internationally in the World Agility Open via win on spots at the Canadian and US Open events.

How old does a dog have to be to compete in Uki agility? Any dog, whether pedigree or mixed that is healthy, trained and over 15 months of age and registered with UKI is eligible to participate in UKI competitions. Dogs that are 15 months of age and over are eligible to participate in the Nursery Class and Speedstakes Classes.

What is Speedstakes in Uki agility? Speedstakes. The object of this class is to negotiate a course made up with only regular jumps (excluding the tire, wall, spreads and long jump) and tunnels, with a minimum of 16 obstacles for Beginners and Novice and a minimum of 17 obstacles for Senior and Champion and a maximum of 20 obstacles for all levels.

What is Masters Series in Uki? Masters Series (runs at both Cups and Classics)

Consists of an Agility round and a Jumping round with results combined. Running order for the 2nd class will be in reverse order of placement of the first round. Cumulative scoring; dog with the lowest score wins.

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Who qualifies for US Open Uki?

The event is Open to all dogs and all handlers and there is no qualification necessary to enter. Focusing solely on dog agility, The UKI US Open is the pinnacle of UKI shows each year. Dogs will be showcasing their agility abilities in Agility, Jumping, Speedstakes and Games classes.

How do you play Uki snooker?

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